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  • Sold

    Villa | Jalon

    Ref: AX718343

    This wonderful three-bedroom detached villa is situated in a beautiful part of the Jalon Valley

    3Bedrooms 2Bathrooms 181Build (M²) 1000Plot (M²)
  • Sold

    Villa | Parcent

    Ref: AX718029

    A beautiful three bedroom located on the outskirts of the village

    3Bedrooms 3Bathrooms 162Build (M²) 1021Plot (M²)
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    Phil 17

    Country House | Tarbena

    Ref: AX10288

    A beautiful four bedroom country house situated in the heart of a stunning and picturesque

    4Bedrooms 2Bathrooms 192Build (M²) 1000Plot (M²)
  • 275.000

    Villa | Parcent

    Ref: KX10353

    Three-bedroom villa offers panoramic views of Parcent in the Jalon Valley.

    3Bedrooms 2Bathrooms 179Build (M²) 447Plot (M²)
  • 275.000

    Villa | Jalon

    Ref: AX718317

    This wonderful, private three-bedroom villa is situated in a prized development

    3Bedrooms 2Bathrooms 134Build (M²) 680Plot (M²)
  • Sold

    Villa | Orba

    Ref: AX10305

    Beautifully appointed three-bedroom villa located on the outskirts of the village of Orba

    3Bedrooms 2Bathrooms 157Build (M²) 510Plot (M²)
  • Sold

    Villa | Orba

    Ref: AX10306

    A beautiful three bedroom Villa located on desirable development

    3Bedrooms 3Bathrooms 130Build (M²) 800Plot (M²)
  • 280.000

    Villa | Alcalali

    Ref: KX13249

    Situated within walking distance to the charming village of Alcalali

    3Bedrooms 2Bathrooms 189Build (M²) Plot (M²)
  • 280.000

    Villa | Rafol d' Almunia

    Ref: AX717340

    A modernised three bedroom villa located on a quiet residential area

    3Bedrooms 3Bathrooms 261Build (M²) Plot (M²)
  • 280.000

    Villa | Orba

    Ref: AX718164

    Private detached three-bedroom villa located on a small residential area

    3Bedrooms 2Bathrooms 113Build (M²) 603Plot (M²)