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Properties for sale in all towns, Orba Valley (26)

  • Sold

    Finca | Orba

    Ref: AX10347

    A beautifully restored two-bedroom traditional country Riu Rau

    2Bedrooms 3Bathrooms 127Build (M²) 825Plot (M²)
  • Sold

    Townhouse | Orba

    Ref: AX10369

    A magnificent four bedroom townhouse in the heart of the popular town of Orba

    4Bedrooms 2Bathrooms 312Build (M²) 262Plot (M²)
  • Sold

    Villa | Orba

    Ref: AX7199

    Beautiful Three bedroom villa located on a sought after residential area

    3Bedrooms 2Bathrooms 150Build (M²) 638Plot (M²)
  • Sold

    Villa | Tormos

    Ref: AX7686

    A lovely three bedroom villa located in the quintessential Spanish village of Tormos

    3Bedrooms 2Bathrooms 258Build (M²) 750Plot (M²)
  • Sold

    Villa | Orba

    Ref: AX7385

    A beautiful three-bedroom villa located on a sought after residential area

    3Bedrooms 3Bathrooms 143Build (M²) 743Plot (M²)
  • Sold

    Villa | Orba

    Ref: AX10332

    An impressive three bedroom villa located on the outskirts of the village of Orba

    3Bedrooms 3Bathrooms 210Build (M²) 900Plot (M²)
  • Sold

    Villa | Orba

    Ref: AX10370

    Beautiful four bedroom villa located on a quiet residential area

    4Bedrooms 3Bathrooms 262Build (M²) 790Plot (M²)
  • Reserved

    Villa | Orba

    Ref: AX7651

    Four bedroom villa for sale within walking distance to the Spanish town of Orba.

    4Bedrooms 2Bathrooms 200Build (M²) 600Plot (M²)
  • Reserved

    Villa | Orba

    Ref: KX11023

    This luxurious three-bedroom villa is located within the beautiful Orba Valley,

    3Bedrooms 3Bathrooms 196Build (M²) 725Plot (M²)
  • Sold

    Villa | Orba

    Ref: AX10282

    Three bedroom Villa on the edge of the town of Orba

    3Bedrooms 3Bathrooms 188Build (M²) 2500Plot (M²)